A Predial Viseense Soc. Mediação Imobiliária, Lda

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Welcome to A Predial Viseense, Lda

A Predial Viseense, Lda, is a company that promotes the lease, sale, or other type of real estate mediation between third parties by collecting information on the characteristics of the properties and on the willingness of third parties, by the payment of a fee.
Being A Predial Viseense, Lda, a company solidly set in the market, we continue to invest to enlarge our strong portfolio of clients, most of whom are clients for decades, that alone proves the good service rendered, and gives confidence to future clients.
Therefore, we continue to bet strongly on leasing, and property management, where we lend an efficient service, supported by a legal office, always giving a great importance to rigorous management and tax advice to our clients.
However, we do not put down the mediation in buying and selling real estate, sector in which we believe in quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction, always doing the best in the interest of our clients.
Administration of condominiums, is another sector that A Predial Viseense, Lda works with, being always our goal the clients’ satisfaction, good management and accuracy.